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Welcome to Bentleigh Natural Medicine

Welcome to BNM If you are looking for an Osteopath around Bentleigh, Brighton, Caulfield, hampton,...


Hand on Manual Therapy We have been offering Osteopathy since 2003, when the clinic was established...

Lower back pain

The most common complaint Did you know that lower back pain is the most common medical complaint??? There...

Worksafe TAC

Work Injuries / Transport Injuries / DVA We are registered to treat patients that have suffered an injury...

Dry Needling

We offer a variety of treatment options

Treatment for Everyone

We treat all ages, young and old   At Bentleigh Natural Medicine we help patients of all ages....


Ultrasound / Laser / Interferential At Bentleigh Natural Medicine we have a range of electrotherapies...

Other Therapies

Physiotherapy / Chinese Medicine Bentleigh Natural Medicine offers Chinese Medicine by Meaghan...

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About the Clinic

Bentleigh Natural Medicine was established in 2003 by Dr. Felix Ladyzhesnkii. The clinic has grown from one practitioner into a multidisciplinary practice with various modalities now available for our patients. The clinic is also quickly becoming well known to local doctors..... MORE ABOUT US
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