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Dr. Felix Ladyzhenskii   B.App.Sc.(CLin.Sc.)B.Osteo.Sc.,

Dr. Felix graduated from RMIT University in 2001, after completing 5 years of Osteopathy degree. He worked in different multidisciplinary practices for 5 years, under different practitioners. He learned new techniques from Osteopaths, Chiropractor, Naturopaths and Massage therapists. This helped him develop his style of treatment which is gentle and effective.

Dr. Felix started Bentleigh Natural Medicine (BNM) in 2003. From 2006-2007 he lectured at MCPT, teaching; anatomy, assessments and techniques.

His style of treatment involves a large selection of techniques including; massage, manipulation, cranio-sacral therapy, MET and electrotherapy. He can also design patient specific exercise programs.

Since starting BNM Dr. Felix has developed a very close relationship with various practitioners in the area, this includes personal trainers, massage therapists, doctors and naturopaths. As the result he is now a part of a very close network of practitioners.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing badminton, competing in Obstacle Races, and spending time with his young family.

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